Autumn/Halloween Lush Haul

Autumn/Halloween Lush Haul

‘Tis October, which means its time to get out your woolly jumpers, make yourself a hot chocolate & start hoarding Lush bath bombs to last throughout the start of the colder months! I’ve been obsessed with Lush cosmetics for about five years now, and their products have not once disappointed me. I tend to do a huge order at the start of October, and then pick up a few of their Christmas and winter products in early December. This year was no different, and I decided to blog about all the beautiful products I picked up for myself. Enjoy!

‘This and That’ Copper wire basket from Matalan, buy here.

Monster’s Ball, Halloween Bath Bomb, £4.25

Monster’s Ball is the first of the Halloween Lush products I got this year, and it’s absolutely incredible. This bomb contains lime and therefore has a very fresh scent. After being placed into the bath, this bomb turns the water a very dusky rose colour with some splashes of blue, and eventually turns into a lovely deep purple. This bomb is great if you’re a fan of vibrant colours & citrus scents!


Pumpkin, Halloween Bath Bomb, £3.95

The perfect bath bomb for Halloween, and definitely my favourite out of the two that I bought, Pumpkin has a very cinnamon-like scent, which gives it a very autumnal feel. This little guy will turn your bath a bright orange-yellow colour, with an almost golden look. The bomb has a great spicy scent; just perfect for Autumn!


Sparkly Pumpkin, Halloween Bubble Bar, £3.95

Not many people enjoy Lush’s glitter bombs and bubble bars, mostly because of the amount of sparkle that ends up stuck to the bath after use! If like me, you are more than prepared to spend five or ten minutes cleaning up after a glitter explosion, Sparkly Pumpkin is definitely for you. I find it best to use Lush’s bubble bars in pieces to really make them last, especially since they create a lot of bubbles from not a lot of product! Sparkly Pumpkin is no exception, so I recommend cutting this product into pieces and crumbling it under running water to really get the most out of it. As for the scent, Sparkly Pumpkin is very citrus-y, but is not very overpowering, so is great if you prefer more subtle smells.


Intergalactic, Bath Bomb, £4.25

Intergalactic is one of Lush’s most popular bath bombs, and once you’ve used it for yourself you’ll understand why. At first creating a stunning ‘galaxy’ on top of your bath’s surface, Intergalactic fizzles out to become a gorgeous darkish blue and glittery bath, that looks just like the night sky! At first its scent is not too impressive, but after dissolving it has very strong hints of peppermint. This is easily my most favourite Lush bath product ever made, and I’d recommend it to anybody!


The Comforter, Bubble Bar, £4.95

The Comforter is another one of Lush’s most popular products, and I think it’s perfect for Autumn! Again, it’s best to crumble or break up this bubble bar to get the best use out of it. It has a really nice blackcurrant and berry scent to it, and is another product that contains a little bit of glitter. It also turns your bath a gorgeous purple-pink colour, and is so relaxing and perfect for a bedtime bath!


Frozen, Bath Bomb, £4.25

The Frozen bath bomb has been available for just under a year now, and has fast become one of my favourite bombs to use. It has what I would describe as a ‘cotton fresh’ scent to it, so it’s super relaxing. As you would expect, it turns the water a vibrant turquoise colour, that is slightly lighter than Intergalactic. It’s also very glittery, and is perfect for the end of Autumn, near the beginning of Winter.


Dragon’s Egg, Bath Bomb, £3.75

Most people who know me know that I am obsessed with the original Spyro The Dragon games, so when I first purchased this bath bomb, I was slightly worried about what they’d say back in the Dragon Realms upon hearing I’d dissolved a precious dragon egg. However, after using it, it’s safe to say I was left feeling no guilt whatsoever.Dragon’s Egg is one of the most beautiful bath bombs I have ever used from Lush. The bomb quite literally leaves you bathing in glowing golden waters, and smells exactly like lemon sherbet with a slightly floral hint.


You’ve Been Mangoed, Bath Oil, £2

This year was my first time trying You’ve Been Mangoed, and also my first time trying a bath oil from Lush, and I was not disappointed. Although this product is small, it is absolutely amazing to use and definitely worth buying. I adore mangoes, both the taste and scent, (although I haven’t tried eating it yet and probably won’t) so this was an immediate purchase upon seeing it. It’s obviously very fruity, and also smells a lot like lemon and lime. My skin felt so soft and silky after use, so if you’re looking for something that smells fruity and moisturises your skin, You’ve Been Mangoed is definitely one for your shopping basket!


I hope you enjoyed what is the first of many blog posts, and probably the first of many Lush haul posts too! Find me on social media:

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