Mini-Blog: Meeting and Seeing Fifth Harmony – The 7/27 Tour Nottingham

Mini-Blog: Meeting and Seeing Fifth Harmony – The 7/27 Tour Nottingham

This blog is essentially just a quick life update to tell you that I met Fifth Harmony on Tuesday!! They were so lovely and their performance was incredible. They’re all so energetic and managed to bring something totally different to the stage. It was honestly one of the greatest days/nights of my life and I thought I’d share some of the photos I managed to take.


The first thing we were treated to on the day was soundcheck and a Q&A session. The girls performed a couple of songs for us, and were so funny and friendly when answering questions.


Next up was the meet & greet, and despite being very rushed, the girls all looked stunning and were so nice to me and my sister. My sister had to have chemotherapy last year after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and Fifth Harmony’s music and positivity really helped her through that part of her life, so this meant a lot to her and when she told the girls they were all so lovely and Lauren (Jauregui) told her how pleased she was that my sister was able to come and see them.

After the meet & greet we were able to go and buy some merch and then leave the venue to grab a bite to eat. We were allowed early access into the concert because of our meet and greet wristbands, and the two support acts performed from 7.30pm – 9pm. The first support was Aleem, who was absolutely incredible and had an amazing voice (you can find Aleem on Twitter.) Next up was Camryn, who was equally as good and really brought a lot of energy to the stage and got us ready for Fifth Harmony to come out (Camryn is also on Twitter.)

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The girls came out at 9pm and the concert finished just before 11pm. They were indescribably good, and being front row in the centre really made the experience truly unforgettable. I wish I’d have been allowed to use my DSLR, because the whole show was so stunning to behold. I don’t think I did too badly with my phone’s camera though! I hope you enjoy looking through my photos, I know I definitely had fun taking them! If you ever get the chance to see Fifth Harmony and you’re a fan of their music I’d definitely recommend it, because they are so incredible.


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