Donating My Hair to The Little Princess Trust

Donating My Hair to The Little Princess Trust

In August of 2015, my sister Lauren was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma. This is a rare type of blood cancer that affects roughly 1,900 people in the UK every year. Lauren was given the all clear in October the same year, but by this point she has lost most of her hair and her self-confidence had plummeted as a result. The Little Princess Trust is a charity that uses real hair to create wigs for children who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment. After witnessing the effects of hair loss firsthand, and seeing what my sister went through, I made the decision to get my hair chopped off in order to donate it to this incredible charity. I wasn’t dreading the experience, as I’d grown tired of my long hair for a few months, and I’m definitely very happy with the results.

I didn’t raise any money before cutting my hair off, as I didn’t have enough time to fundraise, so instead I thought I’d post about my experience on my blog and encourage you to donate, or even brave the chop yourself! If you’d like to donate money to The Little Princess Trust you can go here, or if you’re interested in donating hair yourself, you can go here. It really is a very rewarding experience, and you’d be helping to change the lives of so many people, so if you can donate, please do!


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