Essentials For Celebrating Bonfire Night At Home

Essentials For Celebrating Bonfire Night At Home

November 5th is almost upon us! The only good thing abut Halloween being over is that you can get ready for another one of Autumn’s best events, Bonfire Night! If you don’t fancy going out to a display this year, or would prefer having a smaller gathering with friends and family, here are some of the essential things you’ll need for a perfect night!

The most important thing to remember on Bonfire Night is safety, here are some key reminders to make sure everyone has an enjoyable evening:

  • Keep all pets inside if you’re setting off fireworks, close the curtains and turn on the TV or music to drown out the noise. If possible, have someone sit with them to keep them calm.
  • Follow all safety instructions on fireworks carefully to avoid injuries, and make sure young children are supervised and kept away from danger!
  • Make sure to check bonfires for hedgehogs and other small animals, and make sure all fires are controlled and a safe distance away from any houses or large plants like trees or hedges.

Now onto the fun stuff! Making sure you have a variety of yummy foods throughout the evening is key to a successful bonfire. Here are a few easy snacks you can make for the night, if you’re either watching some fireworks or just gathering round a bonfire:

Toffee Apples & Bonfire Toffee

Toffee apples are one of my favourite Bonfire Night snacks! You can either buy them store-bought or have a go at making some yourself; you can find plenty of methods for DIY toffee apples online. Bonfire toffee is another great treat for this time of the year, and can also either be bought from your local supermarket or sweet shop, or you can have a go at making some yourself.

Green Chilli Cheese Fries & Nacho Bakes

I’m a huge fan of spicy snacks, and love making my own nachos and chilli cheese fries. They’re both very easy to make and also don’t take very long to cook! For the nachos, I’d recommend buying any sort of tortilla chips from your local supermarket, along with your favourite cheese, some jalapeños, chorizo sausage, and some sour cream and nacho cheese sauce for topping. To bake, simply layer up the chips in a baking tray, with cheese in between (I usually use grated cheese so it can get in between the layers, but slices will work too) throw in some sliced jalapeños and chorizo, and put in the oven for 10-15 minutes (or until the cheese is melted to your satisfaction!) Use the sour cream and nacho sauce as topping, and enjoy! The fries can be done in nearly the exact same way, but with fries instead of nachos! They also require a bit more cooking time, and you can choose to make your fries from scratch. You can find simple recipes for chilli cheese fries online.


S’mores are a much-loved bonfire treat, and they’re so fun and easy to make! All you need is some marshmallows, a stick of some kind to roast them on, chocolate and some sort of sweet cracker, or my personal favourite, digestive biscuits. Simply roast the marshmallow over the fire, and when it’s nice and toasted, wedge it between two biscuits, with chocolate underneath. Super tasty and easy to do!

Other Bonfire Night Essentials:

  • Fireworks – If you fancy doing your own mini display and have the space for it, you can get some great deals on fireworks at Tesco at the moment.
  • Blankets/Camping Chairs – Staring up at the sky can get pretty tiring, as can standing up to roast marshmallows, so make sure you pick up some cheap picnic blankets or camping chairs (and keep safety in mind when deciding which to buy!)
  • Fire pit – If you don’t fancy making a huge bonfire, you could opt for a smaller, more easily controlled fire pit, which also makes s’mores toasting a lot easier! You can find some fairly cheap fire pits from Tesco or Argos, or get yourself a pricier one for future events!

I hope this simple guide to a great bonfire night has given you some more ideas, and I hope you have a great night whatever you do!

Happy Bonfire Night!

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