How I Edit My Instagram Posts

How I Edit My Instagram Posts

This week’s blog post is a quick one, as I’m currently in the process of packing up my entire life to move house! You can expect several homeware hauls & decorating blogs in the coming weeks, but this week I decided to write a blog all about how I edit my Instagram photos and why it’s good to have a consistent theme on your Instagram.

How I Edit My Photos

always use VSCO to edit my photos. It’s free, has so many cool filters & is really easy to use, but still allows you to edit your photos professionally. The settings I use on each of my photos is exactly the same, as this keeps my feed consistent. Having your photos edited in the same way makes your feed more aesthetically pleasing for other users, which increases the likelihood of them following you or liking your posts. A lot of people ‘theme’ their pictures by using certain colours, but if you like a bit of variety in your posts or don’t want to be too limited in what you can post, I recommend just using the same filter and settings for each photo like I do, as this will give you a theme with a little more flexibility.

Here are the VSCO Cam settings I use:

  • Filter: HB2
  • Exposure: +1
  • Saturation: +1
  • Tint: -1
  • Fade: +2

You can find plenty of VSCO themes and filter suggestions online, so make sure you look around before choosing one that suits you and your photos.The settings I use make my photos brighter and more vibrant, but altering these settings the other way can have the reverse effect if you prefer a darker theme.


And that’s it! It’s also important to consider lighting and backgrounds when choosing photos, but the great thing about VSCO is that it allows you to alter settings according to your photo, so you can still get the same great effect with a few simple tweaks, no matter how inconsistent and varied your original photos might be! To download VSCO go here or search for it on the App Store, and for great theme recommendations here’s an excellent Instagram account dedicated to finding great filter matches!


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