Homeware Haul 2016: Primark, New Look & Matalan

Homeware Haul 2016: Primark, New Look & Matalan

As promised last week, here’s the first moving house related blog post! One of the best things about moving to a new place is the amount of little bits and bobs you can pick up to make your new house a home. I wasn’t intending to buy too much for this move, but after walking around New Look I decided a few new pieces wouldn’t hurt. I then went into Primark and Matalan and decided the same thing two more times!



The first couple of things I picked up in Primark were some purchases for the winter months; a new throw blanket and a new hot water bottle. I can’t remember the exact price for the throw as I don’t have the receipt but I think it was £4-£6, and is so soft, it was available in multiple colours and patterns, so if you’re looking for something cosy that adds a nice homely feel to your bedroom or living room, this is a definite must. The water bottle was £4, and the cover is so snug and soft, it’s absolutely perfect for winter!


Something I’ve been after for a while is a matching set of hangers for my new clothes rail, and I simply could not resist these copper hangers. I bought three packs of five hangers, which were £3 each. This is a really great price for hangers, and if you’re a copper/rose gold addict like me they’re a great find.

New Look


Alas, more copper! These cute little candle holders had been on my wishlist for some time. I love the mini votive Yankee candles, but it’s so difficult to find holders that are the right shape for them. These were a perfect match, and were great for only £5.99 each!


This photo holder bunting set was admittedly an impulse buy, but definitely not one I regret! I have so many Polaroids, and I’ve never known what to do with them. I had them pinned to a cork board for a while, but was never really happy with how they were arranged, so finding this cute bunting set was great for me, as it would fit in well with my room is a great way to hang photos! The full set, which includes 10 frames, 10 pegs, and a string to hang them from cost £4.99, a little pricey but in my opinion definitely worth it.


My last New Look purchase were these geometric copper fairy lights (yes, my copper addiction is quite serious!) They’re so cute and cost £12.99, again a little pricier than I’d like but they’re so adorable I had to get them!



The last thing I bought were these handy copper wire storage baskets from Matalan. These are great value, the smaller basket costing £4 and the larger one costing £6. I’ve been using the larger one to store my bath bombs, which you might have seen in my Lush Autumn Haul, but now that I’ve ran out I’ll probably use it to store some makeup or other cosmetic products. I keep some of my favourite perfumes in the smaller one, and I think that these baskets are a really unique way to store every day items.


And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into some of the things I’ve bought recently, and I’m sure another homeware haul will be posted in the next couple of weeks after I’ve moved in! You can find me on Instagram or Twitter for updates on the move.


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