Mini Coconut Lane Haul

Greetings lovely blog readers! I’ve got some very exciting news for you this week – I am now officially a Coconut Lane brand ambassador, aka a Coconut Queen! This is a really exciting opportunity for me, and I’m pleased to tell you that it will benefit you! As a Coconut Queen I can get you 20% off your order using the code ’emmadrury20′! So what are you waiting for? Get shopping! Here are some great products I bought recently that I think you’ll love.

Sassy Club Sweatshirt in Pink, £28

Coconut Lane have a lush range of sweatshirts in a variety of colours, all with super cute and sassy slogans on them! I can’t stop wearing this one, it’s super comfy and looks great with almost any outfit!

Dream Big Wall Art, £6.50

I’ve been after some wall art for a while now, to give my room some added flair. This A4 print is seriously cool and really great quality, it looks fabulous on a shelf or hanging on a wall! Coconut Lane have a variety of prints, with inspirational sassy quotes and great graphic backgrounds, check them out!

Marble Notebook, £4.50

Really though, who doesn’t love a good notebook? Especially a marble one! All of Coconut Lane’s notebooks have plain pages which means you can fill them with whatever you’d like! I’ll probably be using mine for doodles and more Coconut Lane shopping lists!

What products will you be buying from Coconut Lane? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and like my Facebook page!


2 thoughts on “Mini Coconut Lane Haul

    1. Thanks for reading! They really are great, I’ll be buying some of their phone and MacBook accessories in the near future I think! Hope you find something you like on their site!

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