Tips For Clearing Out Your Wardrobe & Updating Your Style

Tips For Clearing Out Your Wardrobe & Updating Your Style

Greetings readers! I’ve been having a wardrobe dilemma recently. I often find myself seeing outfits on Instagram and wanting them so badly, but I know deep down they wouldn’t suit me. I like to think I have quite an eclectic taste in everything, fashion included, so being obsessed with a certain style but knowing I’d struggle to pull it off is really stressful. I’m also guilty of buying clothes and keeping them even if I know I won’t wear them very often, or if they don’t fit properly or look good. I’m the sort of person who convinces myself ‘it will look better in a month’ (and it never does!) Long story short, I decided it was time to have a clear-out and sort out my personal style.

Clearing Out Your Wardrobe Tips & Tricks 

One of the best and most obvious-to-use rules I gave myself for this clear-out was that if something didn’t fit, or if I hadn’t worn it more than once in the last year, it had to go! There were plenty of clothes that fell under this category, and along the way I discovered loads of cute things I’d not worn that looked great.

Another easy tip to follow is if you own a lot of a certain type of clothes, get rid of some and keep your favourites. For example, I owned loads of jeans that I simply didn’t wear that much but kept for the occasional times my other pairs were in the wash. Getting rid of some of these made a huge difference in terms of the space I had, and means I can replace some of those duplicates with new and different clothes.

 The last tip is to sort out what you’re getting rid of effectively. Donating clothes to charity is a really rewarding way of clearing-out your wardrobe, but another great method is to sell some of the clothes you’ve worn less. I recently made a new Depop account for all the fairly new clothes I’m getting rid of, which means I can get some money back. (Feel free to have a browse if you want to update your wardrobe on a bargain! My username is @emmadrury)

Finding Your Own Style

Finding your own personal style can be very difficult. It an be varied, and it can change a lot as you get older or as trends change. It’s important to know that you can wear anything as long as you feel comfortable and feel good wearing it. There shoudn’t be restrictions with fashion, and the best thing you can wear is confidence. That being said, it’s important to recognise if something might not suit you. This is all a personal decision, whether it’s a certain colour you don’t think looks as good on you or a certain style or trend.

 A few trends I really love at the minute are embroidery and frills, but I realised by wardrobe was severely lacking in these. I often avoid buying the things I love in fear they won’t suit me, and indirectly buy clothes I don’t need or really want as a result. After clearing out my wardrobe I decided to calm down my shopping a bit, and only buy the clothes I really want and can see myself wearing for a long time. A few things I’ve already picked up feature in my wardrobe update post last week.

Are you guilty of spending too much on clothes or buying things you don’t need? Leave me a comment and let me know some of your tips for keeping your wardrobe at its best! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.



  1. March 29, 2017 / 1:05 pm

    I’m guilty of buying way more than I need which just results in clothes that have their labels on for a lot longer than they should. A clean-out of my cupboard is urgently needed.

    A tool that I’ve used in the past to get rid of clothes is to imagine if I see myself wearing it, if the answer is “no” then it’s off to charity.


    • March 29, 2017 / 2:33 pm

      Thanks for the comment! That’s a great tip for decluttering clothes, I think everyone is guilty of buying clothes they don’t need but it’s good to recognise when you need to get rid of some things. Good luck with your wardrobe clear-out!

  2. March 29, 2017 / 2:28 pm

    I love to shop but hate having clutter! I do regular wardrobe throw outs of anything that I don’t wear on a near daily basis and it gets sent to charity. I’m getting better at controlling my spending and now have a tiny wardrobe with just the things I actually wear! (a lot of black it seems haha) Also I love your hangers, so pretty xx

    Sophia xx

    • March 29, 2017 / 2:31 pm

      Thanks for commenting! I adore the hangers, and they’re so affordable too, only £3 for 5 from Primark! I have a really tiny bedroom at the minute so clutter is also my worst nightmare, so difficult being a makeup and clothes lover but not having enough space for it all!

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