#BeautyBrawl: Easy Natural Brows with MUA Brow Mascara 

Hey beauty lovers! The second of my ten reviews for the #BeautyBrawl is here! Day one was a brow product; be it a pencil, pomade, powder or gel, and I chose this intriguing brow mascara by MUA!

I hadn’t ever tried a brow mascara before apart from a clear gel, so this was a new experience for me. I’m not sure how many colours this mascara comes in but I picked a fairly dark shade, hoping it would be useful for creating thicker but natural-looking brows as opposed to my usual filled-out brown brows.

The packaging for the product is fairly simple, I like the metallic silver text that stands out on the bottle of the mascara, but would have liked the packaging to be a bit more interesting or unique. The size of the product is also a lot smaller than I’d have like, the mascara felt more like a sample size than the full sized product.

The mascara costs £2.50, and there is quite a lot of product in the tube despite its size, meaning this mascara would last for quite a while, making it great value. Again, I think MUA could make a bigger version of the product for £5 or slightly less, but the price of the mascara at its current size is still great value.

As for the product itself, less is definitely more. The first time I applied this I ended up with really messy brows as I was a bit too enthusiastic with my application. If you apply the mascara with the provided wand it’s worth noting that you should be careful with application to achieve natural brows, and that using a brow brush might make this easier.

Overall I think this is a great brow product for when you’re on-the-go and need a small, easily applied product to achieve a natural or less exaggerated brow. Below are my scores for this product out of 100:

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