#BeautyBrawl: A Lightweight Liquid Liner Review

#BeautyBrawl: A Lightweight Liquid Liner Review

Day 3 of 10 of the Beauty Brawl is an eyeliner review, and I’ve chosen to review Collection’s Fast Stroke Liquid Liner. 

Unfortunately, I was a little let down by most aspects of this liner. It’s certainly not the worst liner I’ve tried, but I did find it to be lacking in quality. The packaging is simple, I would have preferred a slightly larger bottle but small bottles are fairly standard for liquid liners so this wasn’t a huge issue.

The liner is also fairly cheap at ¬£2.99, but I did find this was reflected in the formula of the liner. Although it is easy to apply and doesn’t rub off, you do need to apply a few layers to achieve a good amount of pigmentation, as the formula is very watery.

As I said before, this is definitely not the worst liner I’ve ever tried and is a good alternative or backup eyeliner. Here are my scores for the liner:

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