#BeautyBrawl: My Go-To Summer Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Today’s beauty review for the #BeautyBrawl is a makeup remover. I’ve decided to review b. Cosmetics’ Micellar Water. This micellar water is a general cleanser as well as a makeup remover, and is totally cruelty free as opposed to some other more popular versions.

This is a cleanser perfect for the summer time, as it’s very refreshing and doesn’t leave your skin feeling cloggy or like there’s still loads of makeup left on it. The packaging is fairly simple, a clear bottle with the logo and information printed on it. Whilst I usually prefer packaging with a little more flair, the simplicity of this bottle matches the simplicity of the product; it’s not full of fancy chemicals like other cleansers which helps keep it lightweight and refreshing.

This cleanser is sadly more expensive than other micellar waters on the market at £4.99, but is one of the only cruelty free cleansers of its type. I hope eventually other brands will change their animal testing policies to offer cheaper alternatives, but £4.99 is still an excellent price for such a high quality cleanser.

Here are my overall scores for this cleanser, which represent the quality, packaging and price out of 100:

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8 thoughts on “#BeautyBrawl: My Go-To Summer Cleanser & Makeup Remover

    1. Thanks for reading! Unfortunately I don’t think this brand is available outside of the UK, but there are plenty of other brands that make micellar water that stock worldwide! I can’t recommend any specifics without knowing exactly where you’re from but I know that Boots/No7 stock a lot of their products outside of the UK & they make a great micellar water! Hope this helps.

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