#BeautyBrawl: Sea-side Summer Nails by Tanya Burr (Little Duck Review)

#BeautyBrawl: Sea-side Summer Nails by Tanya Burr (Little Duck Review)

Hey beauties! For day five of the ten day #BeautyBrawl, we were asked to review a summer nail colour. I decided to try a polish from a brand I hadn’t used before: Tanya Burr’s makeup collection. I had no ideas what Tanya Burr’s products were like, so wasn’t sure what this nail polish would be like in terms of quality. I bought the polish in the shade ‘Little Duck’ which is a pale blue.

My favourite thing about this polish is easily the packaging; square polish bottles are a lot less common and I personally think they look a lot more chic than round bottles, and this particular polish has a really glam golden top with a cute love heart detail in the corner. This is removed the reveal a simpler black top so the polish is still easy to apply.

The price of this polish is also quite good at £2.49, but I did think this was a little pricy for the quality of the product, which is average. It has good pigmentation but does require more than one layer, and it does chip very easily compared to other brands.

Despite the quality not being astounding, this is a pretty decent polish for the price and the packaging is really cute. Here are my scores for this polish:

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