#BeautyBrawl: The Perfect Foundation Primer For Summer

#BeautyBrawl: The Perfect Foundation Primer For Summer

It’s day seven of ten of the #BeautyBrawl, and today’s product is a foundation primer. This was a tricky decision for me as I don’t usually wear foundation, so don’t really have many primers! I decided to go to Superdrug and pick out a fairly low priced primer, and was happy to see that MUA’s Hydro Face Primer was on offer for half price!

I haven’t tried this primer before but I have tried the foundation from the same range and really loved it, so I thought this would be a perfect product to add to my collection and review for the Beauty Brawl.

The packaging of this product is fairly simple, it comes in a clear, thick plastic tub with a screw-top lid. This is quite nice for a primer, as most come in a tube or bottle making it harder to get all the product, but this primer makes it easy to use every last bit of product.

I paid £2.50 for the primer since it was on offer but it is usually £5. This is still a really great price; you get plenty of product for this price which could easily last for two or three months.

This primer is very lightweight, and is essentially a clear gel that forms a nice protective layer over the skin without being too heavy or clogging up pores. 

In my opinion, this primer is perfect for the summer when you don’t want to be wearing heavy products on your face. It’s also great value for its price, here are my scores for it:

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