#BeautyBrawl: Cheap & Easy Primark Lash Review

Hey beauties! It’s day 8 of the #BeautyBrawl, and today I’m reviewing Primark’s false lashes. Primark currently sells a variety of lashes in different sizes and shapes, all for £1 each!

Each set of lashes comes with lash glue, but in my opinion it’s worth picking up a separate glue as the glue provided isn’t very good at actually keeping the lashes in place. The packaging for the lashes is very cute, the box looks similar to a lot of high end lashes. 

The lashes themselves are also quite good quality for the price. I don’t have a lot of experience with false lashes, but in my opinion these look very realistic and are also cruelty free! They are a little heavy to wear, but since I don’t have much experience using false lashes it’s likely I’ll find these heavy regardless.

My scores for these lashes are below:

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