#BeautyBrawl: Say Goodbye to Sore Paws! Anatomicals Hand Cream Review

#BeautyBrawl: Say Goodbye to Sore Paws! Anatomicals Hand Cream Review

Day 9 of the #BeautyBrawl is here, and today’s review is for Anatomicals’ Hand Cream. 

My first impressions of this hand cream where that you get a lot of product for the price; the tube is fairly big which could make it difficult to take on-the-go, but would probably fit inside most handbags.

The packaging for this cream is very cute, the font stands out well against the background and is very typical of an Anatomicals product.

The hand cream itself is very thick, which means you don’t need to use a lot of it to achieve well-moisturised skin. It definitely has helped me with my dry hands, and is very useful on really hot days where my skin is a lot more dry than usual.

The only con I have with this hand cream is the smell, it’s got hints of aloe vera but is very overpowering. The smell does fade after a few minutes so isn’t a major issue, and this cream is very rich in vitamins so I can’t complain too much.

The price of this cream is also great, you get 100ml for just £3.49! This cream would easily last you several months, and for such a low cost it’s definitely worth picking up.

Overall, this is a good hand cream that I’ll probably use quite often, even though it’s not the best smelling cream in the world. My scores for this cream are below:

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