How Wonder Woman Saved The Geek In Me

How Wonder Woman Saved The Geek In Me

My Twitter handle from around 2013-2015 was, unapologetically, ‘@EmIsANerd.’ I wouldn’t say it’s a secret that I’m a bit nerdy/geeky; everyone who knows me knows that I spend (probably unhealthy) amounts of time watching sci-fi or reading comic books. I didn’t become ‘ashamed’ of my hobbies or interests, but over time I slowly began to withdraw from some of them; I stopped buying comics regularly and taking a keen interest in the latest film releases.

Until I saw Wonder Woman.

When I watched Batman V Superman, pretty much the only scene I enjoyed was the final fight scene when Diana showed up. Suicide Squad was an improvement thanks to Will Smith and Margot Robbie, (despite Harley’s awful costume) but still lacked the magic and entertainment I needed from a superhero film. It’s worth noting that my the majority of my comic collection is DC-based; I do love Marvel, but personally prefer DC’s characters and stories (especially their female characters!)

When a solo Wonder Woman movie was announced I was thrilled. The more information that came out (a female director? I AM IN!) the more I wanted to see this film (which was unheard of – I literally go to the cinema about three times a year nowadays because I can’t afford to see mediocre films!) The trailers got me buzzed – stunning shots of Diana training on Themyscira, some badass action shots of her in costume. But I was still a little worried.

Remember that first Suicide Squad trailer that was beautifully edited to Bohemian Rhapsody? That got me pretty darn excited too. And Suicide Squad was far from beautiful. Plot-wise, it was a mess. Were DC & Warner going to do the same thing to my precious Diana?

I went to see this film the day of it’s release. Also completely unheard of, but I have learnt that living in a small town means cinemas are usually pretty empty on weekday releases, so at least I wouldn’t have to sit next to some sweaty bloke who chews his popcorn too loudly.

I sat down, Tango Ice Blast in-hand, opened up my mixed bag of popcorn and patiently waited for what could save my inner geek or let it be (almost) lost forever.

Wonder Woman is the best superhero movie I have ever seen.


This post isn’t a review of Wonder Woman, so I won’t go into details (nobody likes spoilers anyway!) but Gal Gadot is the Diana we all deserve. I am so jealous but equally so happy for all the young girls who get to grow up with Diana as their hero; their icon. When I was younger I didn’t have many female heroes, aside from Lara Croft and then later on Buffy Summers. When I started reading comics, I was a little too old to have fictional heroes in the same way, but I can safely say that Wonder Woman is my hero.

Do I think Justice League will compare? Probably not. Do I care? Not really, I’m going to pay to see it anyway, because Wonder Woman revived a part of me I thought was hidden away forever.

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