An Honest Romwe Haul Review From An Average Sized Lady

Hey fashion lovers! Chances are if you order a lot of your clothes online you’ll have heard of a site called Romwe. If you haven’t, Romwe is a fairly controversial site, that is often slated on sites like Trustpilot for their poor quality and badly sized clothes. They do sell very cheap clothes however, so a lot of these reviewers should really consider how good they want a $3 skirt to actually be when it arrives. Generally speaking, when looking through other bloggers’s positive Romwe hauls I notice a common theme: they’re all wearing small sizes. This is totally fine, but given that the average size in the UK is a size 14-16, I felt it would be a good idea to provide an honest review for average sized women, especially since Romwe’s sizes range up to an XL.

I am a size 14, and for certain items I did choose to go a size up based on the size chart, so please make sure to measure yourself before ordering rather than assuming your size will be the same on Romwe! Another thing to note is that the delivery times listed aren’t always accurate, so please keep in mind your order might take a few weeks to get to you. Delivery to the UK is $7.99 or free over $50

The first item I got from Romwe were some elasticated shorts. I really struggle to find comfortable shorts in the summer, as a lot of the time the denim is too stiff for me to comfortably wear. I often find this problem with jeans, although fashion retailers have started making more stretchy/elasticated jeans and jeggings which is great. These shorts were available in a lighter and a darker blue, both for $13.99 and I went for the lighter colour.

Romwe has a really great selection of t-shirts, including some really cute printed/graphic shirts. I picked up this black shirt that depicts Superman and Batman boxing (which would have made a much better film, let’s be honest.) This shirt is really simple but super cute, and the style of the graphics are very pop-arty which I love. It was $8.99 and fits really well, I got an XL so it would be slightly oversized. The second shirt I bought was $6.99 and is white with a colourful brush stroke print. It’s got some really nice 80s vibes and also fit me well, definitely a great buy for the summer. 

I also picked up these two band shirts; a yellow Aerosmith shirt and a simple black The 1975 shirt. I love both of these bands, and esepcailly love the yellow colour of the Aerosmith shirt; it’s perfect for the summer time.

The last item I bought from Romwe was this super comfy sweatshirt. This would be great paired with some shorts for a slightly cooler summer day.

Overall I think Romwe is a good site, but it’s a good idea to measure yourself and not set expectations too high. Shop carefully, and if something looks like it might not fit, don’t expect it to just because it’s in your size. The quality isn’t spectacular, and delivery really isn’t quick, but if you want a few wardrobe basics for a cheap price it’s a great place to go.

Have you ever shopped on Romwe, and what was your experience like? Leave me a comment and let me know! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


10 thoughts on “An Honest Romwe Haul Review From An Average Sized Lady

    1. Thanks Paige! They’re definitely worth checking out if you’re patient enough to wait and don’t mind the quality not always being that great! For the price you can’t really complain!xx


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