SO…? Body Mists Review

Hey beauties! I recently went on a Superdrug binge and picked up loads of goodies that were on offer, and I’ve decided to review them all for you, starting with these new SO…? Body Mists.

I’ve tried a few SO…? products before, more specifically one of their perfumes when I was younger, and I was obsessed. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve not really thought much of the brand (I guess the fragrances you use when you’re younger very seldom follow you into adulthood!) But SO…? recently brought out some brand new body mists, and after seeing a few reviews (and noticing that they were on offer in Superdrug) I decided to pick a couple up.

The first scent I picked up was the Vanilla Milkshake mist. I adore sweet-scents, especially vanilla or cocoa, so this was an immediate choice for me. This smell is sweet but refreshing rather than overpowering or sickly, and it’s also really long-lasting! The other scent I picked up was Wild Berries. I’m a bit wary when it comes to fruit-scents, but this mist was a lot fresher than I thought it would be and is great for Summer.

The packaging of these products isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, I usually prefer simpler designs, but I do really like the bottle shape and size, it’s easy to hold and spray and fits nicely in my bag so I can take it out with me for a top-up!

The price of these mists is easily one of their most attractive attributes. I picked mine up when they were on offer for £1.97 each, but even at their full price of £3.99, you’re definitely getting a bargain! Each bottle contains 100ml, and lasts a really long time so it’s a good idea to buy a couple of your favourite scents when they’re on offer so you’re stocked up for summer!

Have you tried SO…?’s body mists? Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and like my Facebook page!


13 thoughts on “SO…? Body Mists Review

  1. These look like they’d smell amazing! I must pick them up! So… fragrances remind me of being 14 and getting changed for PE so I’m glad they’ve matured them a bit! X

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    1. Haha I totally agree – I was a bit reluctant to try them at first in case they reminded me of my teenage years but they have definitely matured them and for the price they’re great! 😊


  2. I really need to pick up one of these! I don’t know what it is about perfume but I hate wearing it during the summer – it just usually feels all sticky and horrible! These sound way better for the summer days! ☺️

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  3. I’ve never tried any SO…? body mists, I think I used to use their body sprays alongside ‘Impulse’ back in the day when I was 13 with my Jane Norman PE bag haha! These sound lovely and sweet and like I’d enjoy them a whole lot more now though and what a bargain! Would be perfect for everyday wear when you don’t wanna waste your expensive perfume!
    Great post!
    Alice Xx

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    1. I was never cool enough to have a Jane Norman PE bag haha! They are great if you want a bargain scent for your bag that’s isn’t heavy – I can’t use aerosol sprays cause they’re too heavy and make me cough so sprays like these are ideal! Thanks for the comment ☺️

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  4. Like you I used so..? Years ago! So…? Kiss me was my go to spray, I always had an aresol can of it in my pe bag!
    I keep meaning to stop by Superdrug and see what these new ones are like, they really are such a bargain price!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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  5. I looooove a good spray fragrance, they’re so much easier to carry around than perfume, and I’m not worried about losing it or breaking it. my current favourite comes from Ted Baker (can’t tell you what it’s called, but it’s pink!) xx

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    1. I’m always on the look out for different scents so I’ll be sure to check out some of Ted Baker’s! I want to try some of the Victoria’s Secret scents too cause they’re really nice! Thanks for commenting 😊


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