Testing New Lush Products; Hot Oil Hair Treatment

I recently had a bit of a hair dye disaster. I wanted to go from a medium brunette to auburn, without bleaching my hair. I bought a box of Colourless Hair, which claims to strip hair colour without the use of bleach. I was a little sceptical, and although there was a little difference, my hair was more or less just a lighter brown after using it. I then went on and dyed my hair anyway, and basically ended up with bright ginger sideburns and brown hair. Not great, right? I decided to give up and go back to brown, so went ahead and dyed my hair back. I was back to a nice colour, but my hair had taken a beating and was now a lot drier and stiffer. Whenever I have a hair or skin related issue, I always go to Lush to see if they have any products that could help. Looking on their hair treatments section, I came across some new hot oil treatments.

The concept is simple; the treatment starts off as a solid bar on a stick, which you dissolve in boiling water until it forms a thick paste/gel, and then after waiting for it to cool you apply it to your hair and leave it for approximately 15-20 minutes (or until your hair becomes stiff) and then finally you risen it off and when your hair dries it will be nicely rejuvenated.

The instructions are printed in icon-form on the stick; but are also available on the website if you need extra help. I love how Lush always come up with creative ways of reducing packaging for their products, so I personally loved the little stick icons!

I decided to buy Lush’s Damaged treatment, which is specifically designed to condition and fix coloured hair that’s lost its silky texture. I decided to mix my hair treatments in a small Lush product pot that I had spare, so that it would be easier to apply/scoop or if the tub. The little small bar dissolved really quickly after adding the water, and only took five minutes to cool down so I could use it.

I followed the instructions carefully, and left it on my hair for as long as possible in the hopes it would have the maximum effect. It’s important to note that this stuff doesn’t look cute when you put it on your hair at all, and will go really dry after about five minutes. Don’t worry though, that just means it’s working it’s Lush magic. My only problem with this hair treatment is that it’s really hard to actually rinse out of your hair. I recommend rinsing for as long as possible, as the first time I tried to wash it out my hair was really waxy and still had small flakes of the product left in it.

Once my hair was dry, I immediately noticed a distinct difference in the appearance and texture; it was a lot thicker,  smoother and a lot less tangled. My hair still isn’t the perfect colour, so it’s likely I’ll end up dying it darker again in the future to cover some of the areas that have stayed light, but I’m pleased to know Lush had a good hair treatment available to keep my hair nicely conditioned and natural feeling.

For just £6.50, my hair was given a kickstart and felt fresh and new all over again; I can’t comment on every hair treatment available but the one I used was well worth every penny I spent on it! What are your top tips for keeping your hair feeling luscious? Leave me a comment and let me know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and like my Facebook page to be the first to know when I post!


25 thoughts on “Testing New Lush Products; Hot Oil Hair Treatment

  1. Love this post! And Lush is the BEST😍 When my hair is in a bit of a state, I whack a blob of coconut oil in and massage it into my scalp and through the lengths. Stick a shower cap over your hair and leave it sit for 4hrs+/overnight to let the oil be absorbed. Then wash out with baby shampoo… I repeat every other day when my hairs really bad xxx

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  2. Oooh! I have seen these in store and have always wanted to try them but I’m always so sceptical that oils will make my hair, well, oily! However, your hair looks so nice that I think I’m gonna have to give it a try!

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  3. Minus the fact it’s a pain to wash out I really want to try this! My hair is badly damaged from straightening so it would be interesting to see if this helps! I’ll have to give it a go at some point. I also like all the instructions being on the stick!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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    1. I recommend not putting it in your roots as much since that was the main area where I struggled to rinse it out, but it does work wonders! 😊 The little icons on the stick are super cute, their packaging is always so neat and clever!

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  4. Ooh i’ve literally just bought a new hair mask for my hair but this sounds gorgeous! I use their Daddy-o shampoo already to keep the brassy tones out of my hair, would love to try something like this afterwards!
    Alice Xx

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  5. This product is something I need in my life! My hair has taken a hammering lately with all the bleach, pink hair dye, sprays and every day straightening. I have just treated myself to some Paul Mitchell products,
    I am yet to try any lush products… shocking I know!

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    1. Wow, you definitely need to get in on the Lush hype – they’re such a great brand, and not just for fun bath bombs!! Definitely recommend some of their hair products if you’ve dyed it a lot like I have! 😊

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  6. My hair desperately needs a hot oil treatment. I dye my hair frequently and it’s so dry. I’ve tried coconut oil, which seems to help for a bit. I’ve found that when putting any kind of oil in your hair, the best way to get it out is to put conditioner into your hair while it’s dry and work through, then rinse, and repeat with the conditioner, followed by shampoo just in the roots. It seems weird, but that’s what has worked for me.

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