Testing New Lush Products: Jelly Bath Bombs

I often find myself scrolling through some of the new products on the Lush app when they get released, and last week I stumbled upon three new jelly bath bombs and became intrigued. Lush’s brand new jelly bath bombs look and smell just as good as their regular ones, but after dissolving form a jelly oil on the baths surface that helps moisturise and cleanse your skin. Any product that will help moisturise my skin is a big win in my opinion, so I immediately added all three of these new bath bombs to my basket and decided to review them.

Green Coconut, £4.95

I love coconut scents, especially in body products, so I was really excited to see one of the new bath bombs was coconut infused. Coconut is very conditioning for the skin and leaves it feeling super soft, so if that’s the effect you want from a bath bomb I definitely recommend this one! This bath bomb also has really nice cinnamon undertones, once again proving Lush are determined to make me hungry whilst I bathe! My skin smelt like a freshly baked cookie and felt super soft after using this bath bomb. The colour of the water after this kind of looks like what would happen if Slimer from Ghostbusters blew up in your tub, but in the coolest way possible. I seriously think Lush should consider using the ingredients for this bomb in a Halloween edition bomb, as the colour is perfect for that!

The Big Sleep, £4.95

For a bedtime bath bomb, The Big Sleep contains two crucial ingredients; lavender oil & neroli oil, both of which guarantee to calm you down after a long day and help you get to sleep. They also smell amazing, and the additional jelly effect of this bomb will again leave your skin feeling amazingly soft. This is the perfect relaxer bath bomb; and looks so dreamy whilst dissolving.

Dark Arts, £4.95

This is probably the most exciting/dramatic of the three new bath bombs; as you can probably guess from the colour, this bath bomb turns your bath a gorgeous dark grey/black, and the glitter make it looks like you’re bathing in stardust. The name Dark Arts is very fitting for such a magical bath bomb; my skin was left feeling unbelievably smooth and I felt so fresh and renewed after bathing. This bath bomb has a slightly muskier scent, with almond oil and cinnamon creating a delicious smelling combination.

I’ve tried a lot of Lush bath bombs in my time, but these new jelly bombs are easily some of my favourites. Have you tried any of these bath bombs? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and like my Facebook page! Also follow me on bloglovin’ to be the first to know about new blog posts!


13 thoughts on “Testing New Lush Products: Jelly Bath Bombs

  1. I bought some of the jelly masks yesterday but I wish I had a bath so I could try these too! Your photography is seriously stunning by the way! The photos have got me like 😍😍😍

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  2. Okay you’ve seriously made me want to try these! The big sleep one sounds soooo perfect to relax you in the evening and I love the sound of the coconut one too. Coconut body care products are my favourite. I’m so intrigued by what the jelly texture feels like, I’m definitely going to have to try one of these out!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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    1. Hi, thanks for commenting! It was super easy to rinse afterwards – my shower head is attached to the wall above my bath so I use that to wash the bath out after using a bath bomb & it’s always a good idea to use a bathroom surface cleaning spray to help get any excess glitter or residue off your bath! It should be easy enough to get the leftover residue off with just a sponge and hot water though. ☺️


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