Blogiversary: A Lush Halloween Haul – One Year Later

My first ever blog post was a Lush haul, posted exactly one year ago today! I thought it would be fun to buy some Halloween Lush goodies and talk about them on my blog again this year, since Halloween is one of the best Lush collections.

Sparkly Pumpkin, Bubble Bar

I’m still just as obsessed with this bubble bar a year on; the fresh scent is spectacular and I always get loads of use out of this little pumpkin. Aside from all the glittery residue, this is probably one of my favourite Lush products and I’m gutted it’s not around for the whole year!

Monsters Ball, Bath Bomb

The only downside to Lush is the price; even though I totally understand why their bath bombs are a little more expensive than others I still feel a pang of guilt when I spend £30+ on things that, individually, will only last for an hour at max. That being said, it is pretty easy to forget about the price when you bathe in Monsters Ball’s waters; the calming purple water and the citrus-fresh scent are a perfect combo. It’s also a super fun bath bomb to watch; the bomb dissolves into a marbled pink and blue surface, creating some super pretty bath art!

Pumpkin, Bath Bomb

Still one of my favourite bath bombs, it breaks my heart that I can’t have Pumpkin baths all year round! The cinnamon scent is so autumnal, and I love bathing in its golden-orange water. A lot simpler than the other two bath bombs, but still incredibly fun.

Lord of Misrule, Bath Bomb

I didn’t actually buy Lord of Misrule last year, but boy did I regret it. The internet went loco over this bath bomb, for its spicy scents and incredible colour. Starting off green and then turning a deep wine colour, this bomb is perfect for Halloween and creates some of the prettiest bath art I’ve ever witnessed!
What Halloween Lush goodies are you picking up this year? Already tried some? Leave me a comment below and let me know!


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