Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Collection; Worth The Hype?

Let me start off by saying that as much as I love Zoella’s lifestyle range for it’s adorable designs and great quality, I do think it’s a tad overpriced. I also can’t help but notice the repetitiveness in the first two collections in terms of the similarities between products; two post-it note journals, two pillows, candles and diffusers, pencil sets. Whilst I don’t mind that Zoe repeated the same type of products with different designs, it was a little boring. When she announced her Christmas collection, I was worried it would be a third rehash of the same stuff but with Christmas sayings on, but was really happily surprised to find that there were a load of new products that were all really cute!

I picked these up on a 3 for 2 deal, so didn’t feel quite as guilty for owning a mug that cost £8.50 (in my opinion a good mug should cost no more than a fiver, but maybe I’m just a little cheap!) I decided to give them an honest review, taking into consideration more than just looks, but overall my experience with the new collection is a very positive one.

‘Cosy Vibes’ Mug – £8.50

This mug is quite nice, even if a tad pricey. It’s a really good size, and the paint is really good quality so it won’t scratch off in the wash. I don’t drink a lot of coffee or tea but love a good hot chocolate in the winter, and I’ve been using this mug loads in the last month. Slightly pricey, but fantastic quality and Insta-worthy.

‘Bits & Bobs’ Storage Tin Set – £12.50

I love a good storage solution, and these tins look fantastic together. These could be used for loads of purposes, from storing your Christmas baking to keeping your stationery tidy for when you write your yearly Christmas cards! They’re also a great size, so I personally think these are well worth the price.

‘This Is Your Year’ Desk Calendar – £10

Another product that looks great, but is also very practical – I much prefer to have a desk calendar over a wall calendar as they’re easier to change and take up less space. This calendar comes with little sayings for each month, themed on the season or month itself (so a Christmas quote for December!) which I think is a really sweet touch as opposed to having a plain calendar. The price is pretty fair for this one as well, it’s a sturdy design and will add a little flair to your office or desk throughout the year.

Overall, I was probably wrong to be so skeptical over this range and I’m glad I did pick up some bits from it since it was really good. It’s also pretty diverse, meaning it can be used whenever even though the Christmas theme is quite clear from the colour scheme. Definitely a must-have for your Christmas wish list or to treat your friends with! What Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Collection products are your favourites? Leave me a comment below and let me know!


29 thoughts on “Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Collection; Worth The Hype?

  1. I love Zoella too and all her lifestyle products and totally agree about the prices. I usually wait until the after christmas sales in Boots to get her Christmas collections! I have the mug and really love the pattern and colours. I wish it was a tad bit bigger to fit my ideal amount of tea, but it’s worth it for its cuteness 🙂

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