February Media Faves Roundup

February Media Faves Roundup

Hola readers and welcome to February’s Media Faves Roundup! For those of you who missed Janurary’s roundup, this is a new series on my blog where I discuss some of my fave media bits from the last month, covering film, TV, music, games, and pretty much anything entertainment-based that I’ve been buzzing about this month!

Fave Film: Darkest Hour

It’s nominated for about a billion Oscars, which is pretty high indication that Darkest Hour is a good film. I went to see it this month and happen to agree with The Academy (for once.) A couple of things I really adored about this film; Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Winston Churchill, who is one of my fave historical figures (not necessarily for his politics or opinions, but because he was a ruddy fascinating bloke) & the stunning cinematography. As a media student who is totally in love with filmmaking, I felt that the way in which this snippet of history was told was captivating. It’s pretty long, and very dialogue-heavy, which I personally enjoy in films but if you’re an adorer of action then this might not be the flick for you.

Fave TV Show: Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks hit Netflix in mid-Feb, and I’d not seen even a teaser for it. I watched the quick trailer, and immediately got hit with a wave of 90s nostalgia and teen drama. As I get older, I feel more drawn to teen comedies and coming of age dramas, maybe to cling onto the last little glimmers of my own teen years. I mean, I’m not actually old, but 13 year old me feels long gone at this point. Everything Sucks is everything I could’ve asked for in a show and more – pop culture references galore, a diverse cast with a male lead character obsessed with filmmaking and a female lead coming to terms with her sexuality. I’m not technically a 90s kid, but I love everything retro as well as a good throwback, and if you do to, you have to watch this show.

Fave Album: Music From Before The Storm

I finished Life is Strange: Before The Storm not too long ago now, and I still feel pretty haunted by it. The original game in the series Life Is Strange, had the exact same effect on me and most people that played it, but there’s something about Before The Storm that really hit me right in the gut. I think one of the best things about both games are their soundtracks, and the latest instalments soundtrack, written and performed by one of my fave bands Daughter, has weirdly made me feel more productive this month. I wouldn’t have thought the soundtrack from a mostly gloomy game could be uplifting, but I find that this album is perfect for working to. Particularly when I’m doing design work, I put on Music From Before The Storm and feel about 50% more inspired. If you’re into slightly melancholy indie music, that might make you feel more motivated than usual, give this album a listen.

Fave Game: Super Mario Odyssey

Confession: I didn’t really like Super Mario Odyssey when I first played it. It was kinda hard to get used to, and I kept falling off the map like a tw*t and rage quitting. I then didn’t touch my Switch for about a month, and felt like a bigger tw*t for buying a £200 console that I wouldn’t play because I got stuck on one game. Saddo alert. I picked it back up this month, and once getting over my initial slump, I literally could not stop playing. I’m seriously typing this right now having forced myself to take a break from it to do something productive. The graphics are stunning (obviously, it’s a Switch game) and it’s suuuuper addictive trying to collect all the moons and coins and things. I love that this still pays tribute to classic Mario in a lot of ways, but completely revamps and upgrades the franchise. I’d recommend getting a Switch just to play this game – I mean, maybe for all the other cool games too (Animal Crossing, I’m waiting for you!)

What are some of your media faves from this month? Got any recommendations to share with me? Leave me a comment below and let me know!



  1. shaunaclairesop
    March 13, 2018 / 11:10 am

    Ohh I really want to see the Darkest Hour movie it looks incredible and I love Gary Oldman!

  2. March 14, 2018 / 9:39 pm

    Yesssss to the Darkest Hour! I loved it, and Gary Oldman’s performance was top knotch!!!

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