My Current Favourite Autumn Scents

My Current Favourite Autumn Scents

*Disclaimer: this post contains gifted products from Lush Cosmetics*

Everyone has a favourite scent of Autumn. The area I used to live in was right next to a sugar beat factory, so one my favourite Autumn scents has always been the smell of the chimneys from the factory – probably a bit bleak, in hindsight, but it always made me think of Autumn.

Between crunching leaves and pumpkin spices, there’s too many reasons why Autumn is my favourite season of them all, but the smells of Autumn are unbeatable. Below is a list of all my current favourite products that are injecting some of the scents of Autumn into my life.

Candles; T K Maxx – Maple Hazelnut & Honey Pumpkin by DW Home Candles

Every time September hits I head straight to T K Maxx to pick up a new candle. This year I bought two – almost three, but I managed to control myself before I spent a small fortune! I discovered a new favourite Candle Brand; DW Home Candles, which sells incredible smelling candles in different sizes for a great price (especially with that added TK Maxx discount!) I picked up two new ones this year: a Maple Hazelnut, which has a very musty, but still sweet scent, like freshly baked cookies, and a Honey Pumpkin candle that’s slightly larger and has a more smells subtle, traditionally sweet scent. The packaging and colours of these two candles also scream Autumn, making them the a small but perfect addition to the home this month.

Lush – The Comforter Bubble Bar & Vanillary Body Spray

Lush is my number one brand for great scents; walking into a Lush store is a sensory overload in the best way, all the smells, vibrant colours and different textures make for a truly unique shopping experience. This Autumn Lush kindly sent me a few goodies to try out and fall in love with, including their Vanillary Body Spray. This spray has a very sweet but slightly musky scent; the combination vanilla and tonka absolute creates a balance of sugar and spice; hints of cherry and cinnamon, with a floral undertone. Another Lush product I’m obsessed with pretty much all year round, but especially when that Autumn chill hits is their Comforter Bubble Bar. The main ingredient and therefore most overpowering scent in this bar is blackcurrant – it smells exactly like blackcurrant flavoured sweets and turns the bath a heavenly pink colour. It also contains Cypress Oils which have antiseptic qualities and are very relaxing and nurturing.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Confession: I’ve never tried a Starbuck’s PSL. If they want to come and build one down the road from me I’m pretty sure I’d move in, but until that day comes, I have to get my Pumpkin Spice fix using homemade remedies. The easiest way to make one of these bad boys is to whip up some steamed milk and combine it with 2 shots of espresso and a dash of Monin’s Pumpkin Spice Syrup. Super easy, super tasty, and perfect for Autumn. You can also make an iced version of the drink, using cold milk and ice blended together.

What are some of your favourite scents in Autumn? Leave me a comment below and let me know!



  1. November 4, 2018 / 4:14 pm

    Those candles sound divine Em! I absolutely love floral and sweet scents, the Comforter is one of my faves from Lush.

  2. November 5, 2018 / 9:32 am

    All of these scents sound gorgeous! I love vanilla and spiced apple scents in Autumn.
    Also love the tip on how to make a PSL at home! x

  3. Alice Fairweather
    November 9, 2018 / 9:45 am

    Need to try that Vanillary Body Spray! Sounds gorgeous x

  4. Hayley williams
    November 13, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    I absolutely love the Lush Comforter! The candles look gorgeous also xx

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