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Most Anticipated Films of 2020

After the Superbowl last Sunday – which, if you’re English, probably doesn’t mean much – I find myself thinking more about films than sports. I love American sporting events for one reason: exclusive trailers. Probably the opposite effect that the NFL desire, but at least I’m honest. Having seen some of the latest trailers released on Sunday, it got me thinking about how many great films are coming to the big screen this year. So, as you can guess from the title, here are a few of my most anticipated films in 2020.

Mulan (March)


Mulan is without a doubt in my top 3 favourite Disney films. When they announced a live-action version, I was a little sceptical. Even more so when the announced there would be no songs and no Mushu! The final trailer dropped over the weekend and having seen more footage I feel confident this reboot should do the story justice.

Birds of Prey (February)


Oh boy, I love me some Harley Quinn. Her start in the DCEU was a little shaky, but I have every faith that Margot Robbie will make me fall in love with Harley again this month! The casting in general looks to be pretty fantastic for this film; Ewan McGregor in particular has received great reviews. I’m actually seeing it this weekend, so keep an eye on the blog for a review!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (July)


Who you gonna call? Finn Wolfhard and Paul Rudd, apparently. The first trailer for this was released December last year and I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release ever since. I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan, and can’t wait to see what the latest reboot has to offer.

Black Widow (May)


The soundtrack alone for Black Widow has given me goosebumps! This film looks to be everything I’d hoped for, and the addition of David Harbour as Red Guardian is sheer brilliance. 

Candyman (June)

Me and my sister loved the original Candyman when we were teenagers. I’m not a fan of rebooted horror usually, but with modern-horror master Jordan Peele at the helm I have high expectations for this re-imagining.

The New Mutants (April)


I feel live I’ve aged forty years waiting for this film to be released, so now I have to see the end result. Based on the latest trailer, the wait maybe seems worth it, but I’ll be sure to leave my high expectations at the door for this one, just in case.

No Time To Die (April)


Confession: I’ve never seen a James Bond film from start to finish. I know about the franchise (I mean, I don’t live under a rock!) but it never grabbed me. The trailer for the latest instalment somehow managed to garner my attention, so I’ve decided – with encouragement from my boyfriend – to give this one a go.

Halloween Kills (October)

Again, I’m not huge on horror reboots, but 2018’s Halloween was surprisingly pretty good. Michael Myers might not be top of my horror villains list but I was genuinely on the edge of my seat when I watched it. Hopefully the sequel will have me equally terrified this October!

Wonder Woman 1984 (June)


In Patty Jenkins we trust! I love Diana, I love the 80s, and most importantly, I loved the first Wonder Woman so much I cried almost the whole time I was in the cinema. I can’t wait to see what they do with Cheetah, and to find out exactly how Steve survive that plane crash!

Soul (June)


Ah Pixar, my drug of choice. Perhaps slightly overshadowed by the release of Onward this year, I personally think Soul looks to be the more heartwarming of the two films! I’ll definitely be watching both, but I think for now I’m slightly more excited for this one.

West Side Story (December)

Pretty much all you have to do is say “directed by Steven Spielberg” and I’m sold. Make that film a musical, and you might as well take my money 11 months in advance! There isn’t even a trailer out for this film yet and I can’t wait for it.

Saint Maud (May)


I stumbled upon the trailer for this randomly, and it looks to be one of the most intriguing films of the year. Psychological horror is a strong genre in modern cinema, and the critics’ reviews are just as strong for Rose Glass’ directorial debut.

What films are you looking forward to seeing this year? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Wanna read some of my other film posts? Click here!

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